“It’s not the customer’s job to know what they want, it’s on roading’s”


ON ROADING is a team of experts devoted to deliver state of art solutions to maintain roads and infrastructures all over UAE with the best quality in a cost and time effective manner.

Today ON ROADING’s name is well known in the field of roads and infrastructures and continues to spread all over the UAE by mainly the word of mouth due to the high level of satisfaction of our clients and promptness of response to emergencies all around UAE.


At On-Roading we are known for excellence in a diverse range of services provided. Our extensive experience in each and every realm is driven by the breadth and depth of our qualified teams, all who take pride in doing the best possible job for our clients.

We endeavor to adhere to the highest ethical standards in the industry. We have been accepted by theconstruction industry as a trustworthy business by being consistently associated with integrity, high standards and quality of service and personal attention to clients. As a result of this reputation, On-Roading has the honor and privilege of leading some of the highest profile projects in the UAE....

Our Vision and Mission

OUR VISION is to be one of the leading companies in UAE in the field of facility management, infrastructure maintenance and to develop cutting-edge technologies to ELEVATE the level of services in UAE from mediocrity to greatness.

Our Mission is to build a strong relationship of trust with our clients that last forever and to assure their satisfaction is being always achieved through continuous development of our management strategies, overall supervision of our projects from design to implementation, quick responsiveness to requirements, and constantly choosing innovative ideas and creative methods in handling our projects.


Safety is the responsibility of every employee in On Roading. At On-Roading we understand that accidents are prevented through cautious planning, appropriate training, and cooperative efforts in all areas of our operations. All our work is performed in the safest possible manner.

The challenges and advancements faced by the construction industry are unique in terms of safety. When methods and techniques have improved in a manner that consistently increasing efficiency and productivity, the accident occurrence continues to be a concern, particularly when the market continues to push the edges of the businesses to become more productive and more efficient therefore completing projects in a shorter timescale which will increase the safety risks and therefore escalade the level of health and safety policies.